Common Household Products Can Impact Sperm Function

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New research shows that endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in sunscreen, toothpaste, processed food, and many household items sabotage sperm function and may hinder fertility. European scientists have discovered that triclosan, oxybenzone, 4-MBC, and other hormone-mimicking chemicals alter the calcium levels in sperm, thwarting their ability to swim and reach an egg.

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"The interaction of these chemicals with sperm is alarming," says study author Timo Strünker. "It indicates that they might impair fertilization by changing sperm swimming patterns and preventing egg fertilization." Strünker says there is no way to completely avoid these chemicals, but to limit exposure, "eat unprocessed, organic food; use very few chemical-based products on your skin; choose sunscreens that do not contain 4-MBC; and avoid cheap plastics."

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