Congrats to Joe Manganiello on His Engagement to Sofia Vergara!

Main congrats to joe manganiello on his engagement to sophia vergara

Congratulations to our January/February cover guy, Joe Manganiello, on his engagement to Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara! Manganiello squandered the hopes and dreams of men everywhere, proposing to the Modern Family star while on vacation in Hawaii.

But he did give us all hope that dreams really do come true. Before Manganiello started dating Vergara, he told People that his ultimate celebrity crush was…you guessed it, Vergara. It helps the Magic Mike star is a hulking 6’5”, but hey, you put in the work and you’re bound to see results—in relationships and fitness (obviously).  

In our cover story, Manganiello revealed the two met at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and hit it off. But the Obamas can’t be credited with exceptional matchmaking skills. Manganiello caught Vergara’s eye on his own. 

“Ask anyone, Why’d you become an actor? Why do you make money? Why’d you become a rock star? It’s to get access to a dating pool,” he says. “You work hard to get to go out with who you want.” Manganiello gets surprisingly effusive—downright gooey, in fact—when talking about Vergara. “Sometimes you can find someone who’s incredibly real who’s in a position that, at first glance, you wouldn’t think they’d be in,” he says. “It’s taken me a while, but I’m in a good place.”

We think so, too—in fact, we wouldn’t mind trading places with him for a while…

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