Could a Magic Exercise Pill Exist?


The benefits of working out seem endless. Could there possibly be a pill to get you those same perks without actually lifting a weight (or even a finger)?

Maybe one day, according to a new review in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. “This is an achievable goal based on our improved understanding of the molecular targets of physical exercise,” said coauthor Ismail Laher in a release.

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Test trials with animals are already underway. Researchers are hoping the pill will increase their strength and energy, making them stronger and faster.

But, don’t cancel your gym membership just yet: While these pills may provide a few benefits of working out, Laher acknowledges that they will not replace it completely. “It is unrealistic to expect that exercise pills will fully be able to substitute for physical exercise—at least not in the immediate future.”

Plus, the pill isn’t necessarily intended for lazy dudes who refuse to exercise—Laher states that it may be most beneficial to those who are unable to engage in physical exercise, such as those with injuries or disabilities. 

With this experiment far from being finished, researchers still must find out side effects of the pill, proper dosage, and long-term outcomes. So, in the meantime, keeping pumping that iron and checking for new workouts

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