Could Paul Walker Get a Mt. Rushmore-like Memorial in California? Start Chiseling, Say Some

Paul Walker
Mauricio Santana/CON / Contributor / Getty Images

Let’s face it: Lots of people are worthy of having their faces chiseled into the side of a mountain. Is Fast and Furious star Paul Walker one of them?

According to some folks in San Clemente, CA, the answer is a resounding yes.

“One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore,” stated a Walker fan in a TV interview. “We could have Mount Paul Walker. If we just put our hearts into this, I know we could get it done.”

It may take more than that to get it done, but give them credit for trying.

No official word as of yet on San Clemente’s Mount Walker, but on the (very high) chance the proposal gets rejected, you can bet the action star‘s supporters will be right back at it, fighting the good fight… unless, of course, the surf is up

This actually isn’t the first time some of San Clemente’s citizens have called for a tribute to their cherished hero. Back in March, council members rejected a request for a 12-foot statue of the late actor to be built on a local pier. Backers of the proposal said it could help “keep sharks away,” according to an report. “The statue needs to be 12 feet tall so it can ward off 12 times as many sharks,” said advocate Chad Kroeger. “And perhaps more importantly, bring our country together, times 12.”

Surprisingly, the council members weren’t convinced, and made the difficult decision to reject the statue request.

Here’s how that town hall hearing went down:

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