Could PRP Injections Be Medicine’s Fountain of Youth?

prp injections
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First, what are PRP injections?

If you’ve even casually followed sports in the last 10 to 15 years, no doubt you have heard about platelet-rich plasma injections. The treatment has been used across physical therapy and orthopedics to accelerate the healing time for muscle, joint, ligament, and bone injuries.

Here’s how it works. Blood contains several substances: white and red cells, plasma, and tiny cells called platelets, which are critical in blood clotting and wound healing. (The healing elements are also called growth factors.) Two decades ago, we learned that when platelet growth factors are collected and concentrated, then injected into a wound, the healing time is appreciably faster.

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Then we took it one step further. Since growth factors in platelets encourage the production of fibroblasts—cells that produce collagen—why not use growth factors to rejuvenate skin? So we began injecting PRP into the deep dermis of the skin, as well as the more superficial dermis. It tightens and tones skin, enhances texture, diminishes fine lines, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Everyone benefits from this treatment. Three treatments are suggested. The cost is usually $1,500 per session, and improvements are visible within weeks.


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Most surprising, PRP restores hair. When PRP is injected near living hair follicles, patients see thicker, healthier, and denser hair. Even some men with male pattern baldness have seen it work. Medically speaking, this makes no sense at all, but it is an exciting discovery.

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Gerald Imber, M.D., is a world-renowned plastic surgeon, with more than 40 years of medical experience, and director of Youth Corridor Clinic in New York City. 

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