Could You ‘James Bond’ Your Way Out of a Moving Vehicle?


In Spectre, James Bond dives out of a “mountain skiing” plane and was fine (duh). If I really had to throw myself out of a speeding vehicle, could I survive? — LLOYD A., ROBINSON, IL

Well, it depends—but don’t bet on it, says actor/stuntman Tim Storms of L.A.’s Academy of Movement Arts and Sciences. “Even at only 10 mph you could be severely injured or die,” he says. Sure, people have survived such incidents, he adds, but it’s pretty miraculous when it happens. 

But if one day you do find yourself in a Bond-ish scenario in which you’d be safer leaving a moving vehicle than staying in it, follow these five tactics:

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1. Aim for a soft surface

Snow will buffer the best, grass a bit less, concrete the least—but a haystack, lake, or herd of sheep will also do.

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2. Time your exit

…to avoid oncoming trees, rocks, cars, or antlered animals.

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3. Stay low to the ground

The higher you jump, the harder you’ll fall.

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4. Tuck and roll—but not yet!

Stay loose as you jump, then before impact tuck into a loose ball and scream (to let out air that could pop the lungs). Try to land on your (softer) shoulders or thighs.

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5. Lie still to assess injuries

…then stand, fix your tux, pull out your Walther PPK, and go kill bad guys.

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