CrossFit Confessions: “I Nearly Punched My CrossFit Trainer in the Face.”

Police officer does CrossFit

Hedge fund guys do CrossFit. So do cops. And construction workers, engineers, and professors. (Even rock stars, too!) Here are their stories.

Mark Bua, 43, is a Carlsbad, Ca.-based police officer.

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I’ve done martial arts since 1994, I’m a third-degree black belt, and I’ve lifted weights and done yoga. A lot of people I’d been working with had been doing CrossFit, and I wanted to experience the “new thing” everyone was talking about. My initial class involved an assessment of my ability, and it went well.

I started off with the light classes. I felt myself working muscles I hadn’t worked in a long time. But when I started to go consistently, I felt like I wasn’t given the proper time to recover. I’d be sore for days. I didn’t like the concept of the one-rep max. I was 40, 41 years old—I didn’t need the lower-back strain.

Then there was my instructor, a 23-year-old kid with a Napoleon complex. He probably still lives with his parents. He got off on making smart-ass remarks to me whenever I had difficulty with an exercise. During one class, I’m standing there with my hands on my hips, and he goes, “Mark, put your hands at your sides, stand straight!” And I’m thinking, “This isn’t the military.”

I’d be sitting by myself before class started and he’d say, “Why don’t you stop being the outcast?” He treated the gym like his home away from home. It was too much. There’s also this cultlike personality. My classmates would be like, “Hey, are you all in and going Paleo with us?” Or, “Hey man, are you all in?” And I was like, “No, I’m not all in.”  –As told to David Wescott

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