CrossFit Confessions: “I’ll Never Be a Size XS Ever Again. I’m Ok With That.”

CrossFit Confessions: “I’ll Never Be a Size XS Ever Again. I’m Ok With That.”

Hedge fund guys do CrossFit. So do cops. And construction workers, engineers, and professors. (Even rock stars, too!) Here are their stories.

Jennifer Hudy, 31, is a Detroit, MI.-based accountant and blogger.

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I first thought CrossFit people looked too muscular and I would never want to look like that. In school I was in drama club. I was never athletic. But over the last two years, about 16 months of which I’ve spent doing CrossFit, I’ve gained 20 pounds. I discovered I love having thicker thighs and a booty, and fully embrace that my back and shoulders are getting wider. I’d love to have even bigger legs and shoulders.

I recently had to get rid of half of the clothes I own. But my new clothes help show off my legs and shoulders. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. My entire Facebook feed is about CrossFit. I’m sure people have hidden me because I post about CrossFit just like I hide those people who post about their kids all the time.

I was seeing someone right when I started CrossFit, but we broke up about a month into my CrossFit life. It’s been hard to find someone who fits into my life: I eat, sleep, and work out. And it’s tough to find someone who’s worth my giving up a day in the box just to go out  with them.

CrossFit has been a pretty good substitute for a boyfriend over the last year. You’re surrounded by all these guys with big shoulders and pecs, and when you look at normal guys, well—let’s just say I’ve built a higher expectation.

Not too many guys want to sit around and watch CrossFit videos, but that’s the perfect date for me: watching CrossFit competition recaps on YouTube and eating chicken thighs or steak and sweet potatoes. —As told to David Wescott

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