CrossFit: Explosive Power WOD

CrossFit: Explosive Power WOD

You probably remember the equation from physics class, Power = (Force x Distance)/Time. So what does this have to do with explosive power? It’s the distance. The farther the distance a particular weight travels, the greater the work, and therefore, the greater the power. With this short blast of a WOD, you’ll be moving a weighted barbell from the floor to your shoulders in a Power Clean (a longer distance than a Full Squat Clean) and then moving your full body weight onto a box which is another example of moving weight through a longer distance.


The Explosive Power WOD

>>> Power Cleans x 10 repetitions


>>> 24″ Box Jumps x 10 repetitions


>> rest 2 minutes

Complete 5 rounds for time (try to keep a consistent time for each round)

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