CrossFit WOD: Angie


At first glance, CrossFit’s “Angie” looks like a cruel punishment with its triple digit rep scheme. As written, Angie is composed of four exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats. The caveat…there are 100 reptitions of each.

As far as movements are concerned, Angie is very simple and is comprised entirely of common calisthenics. The rep scheme is rather tough and reinforces the majesty of the pull-up. CrossFit as a whole regards the pull-up as sacrosanct—you can never do enough. Angie is clear evidence of this. Athletes perform Angie for the simplicity as it only requires a pull-up bar and enough space to do a push-up. It’s a metabolic challenge but utterly complete in terms of full-body burn.

As with Fran, Helen, Lynne and Baseline—Angie is a benchmark CrossFit WOD. These benchmarks are used as tests and measurements to see how far you’ve progressed since last performed. If you are improving at the benchmarks, you’re getting fitter and developing athletically. Use Angie as a measure of fitness and as a benchmark that can be monitored over time to record an increase in strength, power, and muscular and metabolic endurance.

Got 30 minutes to spare? Do Angie!

Perform for time:

> 100 Pull-ups
> 100 Push-ups
> 100 Sit-ups
> 100 Squats

*You must complete all reps of the first movement before moving to the next.

Note: Beginner or budding CrossFitters may choose to perform a “1/4 Angie” or “1/2 Angie” by scaling down the reps to 25 each or 50 each before attacking this WOD head-on as prescribed.

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