Crush Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution and See Results with This Body Analyzer On Sale

new year's fitness resolution

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Choosing to get fit and trim in the new year? Good for you! If you made your New Year’s resolution one of getting in shape, we’ve got news for you: Just deciding to work out more ain’t gonna cut it. You need to track your progress and hold yourself accountable, day in and day out. To ensure you crush your new year’s fitness resolution, pick up this Body Analyzer and Digital Scale. It’s on sale right now at Amazon.

It’s been proven time and again that the most effective way to maintain a healthy exercise program is to see results. Simply choosing to be more fit is a fine place to start. But if you don’t keep on it and stick with your new regimen, it just won’t do any good. With this My Life My Shop Body Analyzer, you’ll be able to track your weight loss and your progress.

That’s right. You’ll see results every day. What better way to stay focused and committed by noting a daily improvement in your health, thanks to your new year’s fitness regimen?

new year's fitness resolution

The My Life My Shop Digital Scale and Body Analyzer($48; was $62) is not just a scale. Sure, it’ll tell you how much you weigh. But weight ain’t nothin’ but a number. Through an undetectable electrical current transmitted through your body via the stainless steel pads on the scale’s platform—also known as Bio Impedance Analysis, or BIA—the My Life My Shop Digital Scale and Body Analyzer measures your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and water weight.

Individually, these vital body composition statistics can indicate changes you need to make to your lifestyle, workout, or daily routine. But all of them together? You’ll get an accurate and complete picture of your overall health. And you’ll have a better chance to crush your new year’s fitness resolution.

And if you’re just beginning a new weight loss and fitness plan, gauging your measurements and tracking your progress will show you exactly how much progress you’re making.

It’s like having a personal trainer and life coach, right on your bathroom floor!

Crush your New year’s Fitness Resolution by Tracking:

  • Body Fat %—Maintaining a healthy average, or at least monitoring it, is the best way to maintain a healthy percentage of body fat. Start your new regimen, and watch this number drop a bit more each time you step out of the shower
  • Muscle Mass—Loss of muscle can decrease joint flexibility and strength as we age. Tracking muscle mass keeps you motivated to hit the gym daily. 
  • Water Weight—Water makes up more than half of our body weight, and ensures that our cells are functioning properly. Maintaining a healthy water weight ensures that you’re losing fat while staying hydrated and healthy
  • Bone Density—Bones naturally weaken as we age. Drastic weight fluctuations, as can happen with crash or yo-yo dieting, may also negatively affect bone density


new year's fitness resolution

The My Life My Shop Digital Scale and Body Analyzer has a weight capacity of 397 pounds, so it should be perfect for most anyone. It has a sleek, minimalist design that will complement any decor in the home. Pick it up today! You’ll save $14, and you’ll get 2020 started off right by crushing your new year’s fitness resolution.

Get It: Save 22% on the My Life My Shop Digital Scale and Body Analyzer ($48; was $62) at Amazon



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