Crush Your Resolution: 4 Weeks to More Mass

Crush Your Resolution: 4 Weeks to More Mass

It’s that time of year again—New Year’s! You get to wipe the slate clean, start over and take the opportunity to reflect and improve. If you’re looking to gain weight or just get bigger there’s no better time than right now and we’ve got your plan right here.

TrinkFitness, Dan Trink C.S.C.S lays out a training protocol for packing on mass in just 4 weeks.


from Dan Trink

You’re going to utilize a body-part split, training 4 times per week. This will allow you to create the volume that you want, while still allowing enough time for recovery. You’ll start the week with a leg day followed by a chest and back day. After a day of rest you will hit another leg day (utilizing different exercises) and cap the week off with an arms and shoulders day (so you can get your pre-weekend pump going!). The weekend will be days to take off for rest and recovery. In the excitement to reach your goals, please do not add extra work on your off days—be aware that recovery is very important tool towards your success.

Why two leg-sessions per week? Easy, legs usually get short-changed when it comes to most guys’ training so we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen here. Plus, leg training causes a significant anabolic hormonal response which will help you get the overall gains you are looking for.


When training for hypertrophy, paying attention to both tempo and rest periods is critical. You will notice that tempo is written as a 4 digit prescription such as 4-1-1-0.

> The first number describes the eccentric or lowering phase of the lift. So, it should take 4 seconds to lower a bar or weight. 
> The second number is any pause at the bottom position.
> The third number is how long it should take you to lift the weight.
> The fourth number is any pause that you would use at the top.

It is very easy to rush through your lifts but accurately following the tempo prescriptions will ensure that you are achieving the proper time under tension required to get the mass building results you’re after.

Keep an eye on your watch or download a good rest period timer on your phone to ensure you are resting the proper amount.











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