Curious About Your Dog’s Traits and Health? Get This Dog DNA Test Right Now

Dog DNA Test Kit

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If you got a dog, then you know that feeling of giving them the best care possible. But with a lot of dogs, it’s hard to know how to best to do that. Not to mention the diseases they might be genetically predisposed to. You can find out how to best treat them by figuring out their exact genetic makeup with the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit.

Science has gotten so advanced that something like the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is just commonplace. You can head on over to a place like Chewy and pick this up with no real problems. In 2 to 4 weeks’ time, you can find out the entire genetic breakdown of your pup. From what breeds are in them to what they may have to deal with down the line.

Not only can the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit figure out what kind of breed makes up your pup from over 350 dog breeds. But it can also trace your pup’s bloodline. Any dog that has had its DNA logged in can be found here, complete with pictures of each dog to see what your dog’s family looks like.

Dog DNA Test

With all of this testing being done, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is going to be a real big help in finding out any diseases that run in your pup’s geneology. With over 190 diseases being tested, like glaucoma and degenerative myelopathy amongst a ton of others, you can do your part to try and prepare for these issues beforehand.

All of this is above the board too. The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is trusted by Vets and Animal Hospitals. Not to mention that Embark partners up with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. So you know that the results you get from this test are going to be quite accurate and filled with all the info you could use to make life better for the pup.

If you want to make sure your pup doesn’t have to deal with any sudden medical issues, then the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is for you. It’s highly affordable and easy to use. You’ll get results back in no time. And you can finally figure out what exactly makes up the unique look of your pup. Pick up a test now.

Get It: Pick up the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit ($149; was $199) at Chewy

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