Daily Harvest: Find Out Why So Many People Count On This Brand for Their Weekly Meal Prep

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest

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By the time you wake up, brew your first cup of coffee, brush your teeth, go to the gym, take a shower, drive to work, and start work for the day, it’s easy to realize that you completely forgot to eat breakfast. And even if you wanted to enjoy a balanced morning meal, you’d need to manually turn back the clock to make time for it.

Food gives you the energy you need to do all the things you love throughout the day, but trying to find the time to make a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a lot to ask. Of course, meal prepping in bulk over the weekend is great, but it’s hard to know where to start and how large your portions are supposed to be to maintain a balanced diet.

We’ve been searching for a way to make nutritious meals easily ever since the nine-to-five took over our lives, and there’s finally a delicious solution. Daily Harvest takes meal prepping to new heights by bringing nourishing food built on organic fruits and vegetables straight to your door every week.

Harvesting a New Way to Eat

Between your 12 PM spin class and 1:15 PM meeting, you probably gobble up a protein bar and find whatever snack is between your car seats to satiate you until dinner. We tend to sacrifice nourishing food for convenient food. This is a problem that Daily Harvest’s founder, Rachel Drori, knew all too well.

“We should be eating to take care of ourselves, but somehow we can’t or we don’t – the world puts up more roadblocks than roads,” Drori explained.

Taking matters into her own hands, Drori created Daily Harvest to merge the crossroads of health, convenience, and deliciousness.

Daily Harvest’s mission is simple: They make it easier for people to eat more fruits and vegetables each day. And they’re doing this by trying to revolutionize the food system as a whole – starting with how food is grown.

The company advocates for building a regenerative food system that considers the entire farming ecosystem, including the people who are physically bringing delicious foods from farm to plate. They recently partnered with American Farmland Trust and CCOF to help give historically underrepresented farmers the financial and technical support to grow their businesses with sustainable practices.

This is just one of the many ways that Daily Harvest is reimagining a food system centered around people and the planet. It’s a stark contrast from many other meal prep companies that focus much more on using cheap ingredients and upselling low-quality ingredients. When you eat a meal from Daily Harvest, you get a full tummy and a peaceful mind.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out Daily Harvest today, and see how easy nutritious and delicious weekly meals can be.

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest

Fresh and Frozen

So, how exactly does the brand ensure top-quality ingredients straight to your door? And what makes it so much easier to keep up than competing meal prep brands? It’s easy: Everything is frozen.

Daily Harvest’s ingredients are frozen at peak ripeness. This means that throughout the time it takes to get your meals to your home, your ingredients stay locked in at their prime degree of tastiness.

Plus, these frozen ingredients help us cut back on waste since everything you need is available and ready for you to heat up whenever your stomach rumbles. You don’t need to worry about individual packaging and plastics for each ingredient, unlike many meal kits which require you to put together meals for yourself.

Speaking of prep-heavy meal kits, all you need to do to enjoy a Daily Harvest meal is heat it up. This means you don’t need to spare any time in your already busy schedule to cook a delicious, hearty meal. There’s no wrong way to eat.

What’s on the Menu? 

We can sit here and talk about the great things that Daily Harvest is doing for the planet (and your stomach) all day. But we know you won’t be swayed until you try it out for yourself. The good news is that there are 140+ menu options, with meals and snacks for every time of day – even when you don’t seem to have enough time at all.


Smoothies are a delicious way to amp up your fruit and veggie intake. But finding the right fruits, dicing them up, and throwing them into the blender takes a lot longer than you’d think. Daily Harvest eliminates the hassle by giving you pretty much everything you need for a filling morning meal.

Just fill your cup to the top with your liquid of choice (we recommend your favorite milk or milk alternative), dump it into the blender, and blend it up. That’s all there is to it. You can even pour the contents back into the cup to eliminate waste as you serve.

Think of it like a foundation to spruce up as you’d like. You can drink your Daily Harvest smoothie as is, or you can throw in your favorite protein powder to make it even more satiating. If you’ve got some extra berries lying around, toss them in too. It’s all about what makes you feel full, energized, and happy.

Harvest Bowls

That smoothie will be enough to tide you over until lunch, but you’ll need a nourishing meal to prevent that afternoon fatigue between your Zoom calls and afternoon one-on-ones. Harvest Bowls combine everything you need to boost your energy and mood.

From Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Hash to Quinoa and Makrut Lime, a delicious variety of options are all ready in minutes. Cook it in the microwave by adding some water or broth and stirring halfway, or feel like a chef by preparing your meal on the stovetop. Either way, you’re making a chef-crafted meal you’re sure to love.

These Harvest Bowls are a popular option for people with jobs that have irregular schedules in which you might not know how much time you have for lunch. If you need something quick, you can pop them in the microwave. Then, when you have a little extra time, you can make it on a stovetop for that homemade feeling. 

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest


If you just got home after a long day, the last thing you want to worry about is putting food on the table. Daily Harvest does the hard work for you with artisanal flatbreads that are made using real, whole ingredients from crust to toppings.

From classics like Artichoke and Spinach to something a bit more adventurous, like Pineapple and Smoked Paprika, there is something here for everyone’s taste buds. All it takes is twenty-or-so minutes in the oven.

It’s the perfect dinner for any weeknight, but it’s also a go-to party-pleaser for your next game night with friends. No matter how you slice it, you’ll be greeted with quality ingredients and fresh tastes.

Go ahead — taste these delicious meals for yourself.

Benefits of Meal Prepping With Daily Harvest

Outside of the fact that Daily Harvest is committed to the health of the planet and delivering nourishing, nutritious foods straight to your door, there are plenty of reasons to start using Daily Harvest as your weekly meal prep.

It’s Quick

Meal kits give you the ingredients you need to whip up a hearty meal – but we often don’t have time for that. Thankfully, Daily Harvest has everything ready for you. All you need to do is bring the heat.

It’s Affordable

Compared to most other meal delivery services, the pricing at Daily Harvest is one big reason why so many people are counting on this company for their weekly meal prep. Harvest Bowls and flatbreads ring in at just under $10 each, while lattes are only $6 per set of two. This is a steal when you consider the quality of Daily Harvest’s meals.

It’s Nutrient-Dense

It’s easy to cook for yourself, but it’s hard to cook for yourself well. Most of the time, we end up just scrounging up something we find in the cupboards without much care for the nutritional content. Daily Harvest offers foods that are nutrient-dense in every bite, ensuring that you’re hitting all the right notes without putting in any effort.

Real Deal Meals

Daily Harvest is committed to you in the same way it commits to the planet. And considering its ease of use, affordability, and quality, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing this brand as their go-to weekly meal prep.

To join the movement and start saving time, money, and headaches on your meals, get started with your first shipment today


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