Damien McSwine Teaches People How to Live Well Through Powered by Nature

Courtesy Damien McSwine

Written in partnership with Fame Media

The advent of social media has helped people like fitness trainers and nutritionists educate others on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This has also made the concept of health and wellness quite complex for the masses because of differing opinions from so many people. Damien McSwine, a professional athlete turned wellness advisor, is closing the gap here. He is simplifying the concept of health so even a child can understand and adopt positive changes in their lifestyle.

Damien McSwine is a wellness mogul and health consultant helping people transform their overall health with a particular focus on nutrition and psychology. He is also an author and documentary film producer who has recently released a movie titled Full Body Detox. McSwine has always been passionate about health and fitness. This fueled his natural ability to simplify complex health concepts into easy-to-follow practical applications. Besides this, McSwine is highly educated and is also an avid traveler. Interacting with people and experiencing the cultures of more than 50 countries has shaped his approach toward life, health, and vitality.

As a professional health and wellness advisor, McSwine offers one-on-one and group consultations. He has been assisting people who aspire to achieve physical and mental health. McSwine owns an herbal supplement company, Powered by Nature, which offers an impressive collection of fresh, all-natural, plant-based products. The company has recently added 25 new products to its range and is one of the few brands in this space that offers liquid supplements for children. These supplements are used as an add-on to everyday meals to meet the body’s nutritional requirements.

Damien McSwine believes that a healthy life starts with a healthy mind and body. The right balance in physical, mental, and emotional health brings more focus and energy to accomplish a life goal. Most people fail to realize that nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving a healthy body. The growing popularity of fad diets and viral weight loss programs are depriving people of essential nutrients. This is where Powered by Nature is filling the void with plant-based, raw cellular nutrition. All the products are manufactured in the U.S.A, and each ingredient is strictly inspected. The brand only uses vegetable capsules and ensures that all the products are free from unwanted additives.

Founded in 2017, Powered by Nature was initially an educational portal offering necessary information related to health and wellness. Realizing the need for proper nutrition in every person’s daily life, McSwine started launching supplements that are safe, effective, and trusted by many people. Each product on the portal explains its role in fulfilling a nutritional deficit in the human body. Through his brand, McSwine is also shedding light on some of the rarely talked about healthy habits like colon health, lungs cleansing, body cleansing, etc.

Damien McSwine is a trusted name in the health and wellness industry. It is not just his brand, Powered by Nature, but his advice on healthy living that has positively impacted many lives. He loves how people are becoming conscious about what they consume and how they should treat their bodies. McSwine wants to be part of their journey towards good health, guiding them with simple and practical advice so their health goals become more achievable.

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