Danish Fitness Instructor Sets New Plank Hold World Record

Danish Fitness Instructor Sets New Plank Hold World Record

Tom Hoel, a 51-year-old Danish fitness instructor (not pictured above, but you can see him in the video below), set the world record for the plank hold this weekend. So how long is the longest plank hold? A whopping 4 hours and 28 minutes.

Hoel is no stranger to holding a plank and previously held the world title, until last October when he was stripped of the record by China’s Mao Weidong. Hoel has regained his top spot with this crazy-long plank hold, beating Mao’s record by two minutes, and shattering his previous world record.

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“It’s a wonderful feeling to get the title of world champion back. The best feeling is actually not the title but meeting the hopes and expectations of all my friends and club members, who were there to share both my pain and happiness,” Hoel told The Local.

The lead up to the record setting four-plus hours required discipline inside and outside the gym.

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“The new record time is a result of nine months of structured training. My first record was made after four months with little or no planning. I’ve had no alcohol the last four months, have eaten healthy foods and focused a lot on getting enough sleep. Sleep timing was a challenge for me, basically because it’s easier to find time for long planks when my family is asleep,” Hoel told The Local. Check out this clip (don’t worry, it’s not 4 hours and 28 minutes long!)


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