Dave Bautista’s 11 Most Shredded Instagram Fitness Moments

Dave Bautista
Per Bernal

Dave Bautista is one out-of-this-world shredded dude. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor and former Muscle & Fitness cover star has successfully made the transition from WWE to Hollywood—sound like someone we know? Cough, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, cough—and he’s not looking back.

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Bautista has shown some real talent on screen while playing both heroes and villains—his Spectre baddie was one of our 25 most physically dominating movie bad guys of all time—but his role as Drax in Guardians has really put him in the spotlight. Bautista showed off his comedy skills as the alien warrior who takes all things seriously—even sarcasm—and he’s made a perfect foil for former Men’s Fitness cover star Chris Pratt, who plays team leader Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord.




But no matter what Bautista does on-screen it won’t take away this fact: He’s as jacked as anyone in Hollywood and enjoys showing it off on social media.

Here are Bautista’s most shredded moments from Instagram:

11. Bautista gets in some boxing work with Jay Glazer:

10. Bautista does the pushup challenge:


9. Bautista pounds a tire, hits the heavy bag, jumps on the bike, and gets on the mat for his Muscle & Fitness shoot:

8. Wouldn’t want to get in the way of those knee strikes—Bautista gets some fight training in:

7. Bautista shows off his massively shredded back:

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Great times! Blood,sweat,and fuck the tears!

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6. Bautista has no need for t-shirts. The actor flexes and shows off his huge uppper body:

5. Bautista hits the waves for some surfing, showing off his rock-hard core:

4. Bautista finishes off some martial arts training:

3. Bautista gets fit with some footwork drills and fight training:


2. Who would win in a fight, Drax or the Hulk? Maybe we’ll find out in the next Avengers film:

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Shits about to get ugly!! @flexgymbudapest

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1. Bautista shows off his shredded physique before picking up some huge dumbbells:

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#Focus #DreamChaser …..nuff said!

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