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Dieting is a lousy way to lose weight. It’s not healthy on your body, or for your mind. Rapid weight loss and restricting proper nutrition wreak havoc on your metabolism. And mentally torturing yourself for cheating (or just for being overweight) is emotionally damaging. Don’t you wish there was a better way to lose weight and get in shape?

Say hello to Noom. Noom is a program designed to help you lose weight the healthy way—physically and mentally. Through a combination of healthy eating, smarter life choices, and professional coaching, Noom has helped tens of thousands of people get their eating and exercise habits—and their lives—back on track. And lose weight.

And Noom can help you, too.

Diets are not the answer. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to losing weight. Every condition is unique. A physician wouldn’t prescribe the same treatment for a diabetic as pre-diabetic. So why accept anything less in your weight-loss program? You shouldn’t—and with Noom, you don’t have to.

It starts with an app that syncs to whatever fitness tracker you currently use, be it FitBit, Garmin, iPhone—whatever. The Noom app gauges your fitness, but more importantly Noom assesses your lifestyle, helping you make better choices about the things you do, the food you eat, and the life you live. And you get 24/7 support from trained coaches, to help you along if you’re ever feeling doubtful or unsure.

lose weight noom

And that professional support extends far beyond answering questions like “Can I eat this?” or “Should I eat that?” Noom coaches assist you emotionally, providing support when you need it. Whether you’re tempted by a piece of wedding cake, another taco, a nightcap, or even if you’re just having trouble getting motivated to get up off the couch, Noom professionals provide guidance to help you make smart choices.

Noom gives you the strength to say “no” when you should, and to say “yes!” when you ought to. When you’re trying to lose weight, that extra motivation, that nudge in the right direction, that push to do the right thing, can make all the difference in the world. That’s what Noom brings to the table.

Losing weight is far more than just cutting back on calories. Anyone who’s ever tried to diet knows this. Even if you lose a few pounds on a diet and exercise regimen, chances are it’s going to come right back on as soon as you skip a gym session, or overindulge one night. Dieting is a brutal way to go about it, putting pressure on your metabolism and your mental health.

And it’s a serious cramp on your lifestyle! A lot of people beat themselves up while dieting. They cut back on social activities because they don’t trust themselves. They stop doing things they enjoy because they’re afraid it will lead to poor decisions. And they quit being themselves in the process, losing sight of their identity and often squandering relationships in the process. And none of us can afford to lose any friends these days.

More than just a weight-loss program, Noom creates healthier habits, reduces your risk of chronic health problems, and fosters a healthier relationship with yourself. Noom makes you a better you, a smarter you, a healthier you. Noom has helped tens of thousands live longer lives and experience true physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That’s more time to spend with loved ones, more opportunities to explore the world, and a lasting chance to realize your potential.

Quick fix diets are a thing of the past; behavioral change is the way to your fitness future. So sign up for Noom and lose weight today. It just takes a few minutes. Noom helps you become the You you always knew you could be.

Get It: Sign up for Noom and start losing weight today.

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