Director Kevin Smith Drops 65 Pounds

Last year,’s list of the Least Fit Celebs stirred up some serious controversy. Heck, even Howard Stern’s personal news team called us up to comment on the inclusion of the radio host’s former sidekick, Artie Lange. But there’s one name we’re happy to announce that we can cross off that list: Kevin Smith.


The usually hefty director, best known for his “Clerks” films, recently announced that he has dropped 65 pounds. His weight loss secret? Embarrassment.

“The Southwest Diet. How it works: you’re publicly shamed into a slimmer figure,” the New Jersey native Tweeted. “Crying the weight right off has never been easier!”

Smith was referring to an incident in February of 2010 in which he was asked to exit a Southwest Airlines flight, because he was deemed “too fat to fly.” The filmmaker was very vocal about his outrage over this situation, but in the end it has had positive results.

Of course, Smith didn’t actually sob off the pounds. Admittedly a binge eater, the “Mallrats” director credited Weight Watchers meals for helping him curb his need to consume too much. Clearly, this approach is paying off for Smith. Now, if he could only convince Michael Moore to do the same thing.

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