DJ Pauly D Tells You How to Build a Party-Proof Body

DJ Pauly D Tells You How to Build a Party-Proof Body

Love him or hate him, Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio just wants everyone to be happy and enjoy good music. Even after becoming a household name through MTV’s overnight smash hit Jersey Shore, DelVecchio has never lost sight of his true passion: bringing people together through great music. The only difference is now he’s got the resources to really make an impact.

We recently caught up with DelVechio to talk gym (no tanning or laundry advice here, sorry), music, and how he manages to party every night and emerge with a body that earned him the distinction of our Fittest DJ of 2012.

MF: How has your life changed since Jersey Shore wrapped?

PD: The two shows, Jersey Shore and Pauly D Project, have been an actual blessing for my career, because before television I was just a local DJ in Rhode Island, and now, having all this television exposure with MTV and everything, it’s given me this huge audience to DJ in front of. So now I’m able to DJ all over the world and that’s what I love to do.
You didn’t even have to audition for your part in the show. Correct?

Yeah. What happened was, I was DJ’ing in Rhode Island and I got a message on MySpace one day. That’s how far back this was—MySpace! And the MySpace message said, “How are you doing? This is [name rescinded]. I’m a casting director and we think you have the perfect look for a show we’re doing. Leave me your contact information.” I was skeptical at first, and then I was like, “You know what, let me just leave my number.” So I left my number and I got a phone call the next day from L.A and they said they’d like to send down a camera crew to film a day in my life. I didn’t really take it seriously. They showed up with the camera, and I was like, “Well, what do you want me to do?” And they were like, “Just do what you normally do every day.” So I took them to the gym, I took them tanning, and then I took them to the club where I was DJ’ing.

So things are similar now to how they were back then?

Yeah, my life is pretty much the same, except I’m doing what I was doing in RI in like every single state now, and people out of state know who I am. So it’s like the fame is different, but I’m still doing the same thing—gym, tan, laundry, and DJ’ing.

Still living the GTL life, I see.

Yeahhh buddy. 100%

Let’s talk about the G for a second. How often are you in the gym these days?

I’m in the gym four to five times a week. I actually have a gym in my house now. I love it, because you can work out any hour you want.

Do you train with any of the guys from the cast?

Right now I’m training with Jerry. He’s on The Pauly D Project. He and I work out every day.

Anyone from Jersey Shore?

Only when I’m in town with them. When I’m with Vinny we’ll hit the gym. When I’m with Ronnie we’ll hit the gym, too. If we’re in the same state together, we’ll hit the gym together.

How do you structure your workouts? Do you have a plan?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I like to do two body parts a day and then throw a little cardio into the mix. So I’ll do chest and bi’s, back and tri’s, and shoulders and legs. And then we’ll do abs every other day.

What do you do for abs? And do you use free weights or machines?

Let’s say this Monday I’m doing chest and bi’s, I’ll use machines, but then next Monday I’ll use free weights. I like to alternate them to keep it fresh. As far as abs go, we like to use the medicine ball and then we do leg raises. Those are major.

Are leg days major, too? The Jersey crowd is notorious for neglecting legs.

[Laughs.] We are—we don’t do legs enough. That’s a problem. If we need to skip something, we’ll skip legs.  So we joke around; before we go to the beach we do chest and bi’s only. We call it the Guido workout. [Laughs.]

What about things outside the gym, like sports or activities?

I love boxing. I think it’s the ultimate workout. I’ve been doing it for years now. I play basketball, too, but nothing compares to a boxing regimen; the jump rope, the shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag, sparring—that really gets you shredded. 

How often do you box?

It depends. It’s hard with my schedule, but I like to do it whenever I can. When I do it, it’s a couple of times a week—when I can hit a boxing gym. Whenever I have to get ready for a photo shoot I revert back to those exercises.

You said you play basketball as well.

Sometimes I get bored with cardio at the gym, so we’ll shoot around and play some basketball. That’s a good workout because it gets everything moving. 

What do you listen to when you’re training?

When I’m training I like to listen to a lot of hip hop—a lot of Lil’ Wayne, a lot of Drake, a little 2 Chainz.

Do you make your own training mixes?

I’ll do a two-hour mix when I’m home and then I’ll put that on my iPod and listen to that at the gym. I’ll give it to my friends, too. It helps a lot with the cardio.

Do you use certain beats for different kinds of workouts?

When I’m doing cardio, I like to listen to dance music. So I’ll make a dance mix. To lift weights I’ll make a hip-hop mix. So I’ll always have two mixes.

Your job comes with a lot of late nights, even more free drinks, and possibly the worst of all—late-night food runs. How do you stay in shape through all that?

You have to find a happy medium. You can’t just drink and party and not work out. You need to work out to work off those calories. That’s important. You don’t want to miss the gym. When you start missing the gym, that’s when you start slacking off and that’s when you start to look a little sloppy. I compensate for the partying by making sure I hit the gym and stay consistent with it.  If you’re not dieting super, super hardcore and you’re cheating a little bit on the weekends, its okay as long as you’re still working out.

Is there anything diet-wise you try to avoid?

I try to avoid eating late. That’s probably one of the biggest problems when you’re drinking—you want to eat, eat, eat! So I try not to do that. I keep it healthy during the week and on the weekends I like to splurge a little. I like pizza and Chinese food.

Do you ever drink Mike (The Situation)’s protein-infused vodka?

I’ve never tried it. I actually have my own drink now. It’s called Remix, and that’s what we’ve been drinking. It’s pretty good.

What’s the story behind Remix?

Before me and my friends go out, we always pregame. So we always have to go out and get the vodka, the mixers, and stuff like that. I wanted to create something that was already mixed for you, so literally all you have to do is pour it over some ice. So I did that and I made it taste good. There are four flavors right now: Startfruit, Yeah Yumberry, Oye Mojito, and Strawberry Holla-peño. They’re already mixed for you with Vodka. You just pour it on some ice and drink it.

Any other side projects?

Right now I’m doing an energy shot with 50 Cent, called Street King. I actually take one before the gym and it gives me energy throughout my workout. It’s six hours of energy and every shot sold gives a meal to a starving child. We’re trying to feed a billion right now.

That’s a great project to be attached to. Are you working with 50 on anything else, music-wise?

We’re working on an album right now. I signed to his record label. I’m putting together some features and some tracks. I’m trying to come out with an album that reflects what I do as a DJ; I’m an open-format DJ so I wanted to make an album that caters to everybody, so it has a little bit of a dance on it, a little bit of hip hop, and that’s what my style of is. And I don’t think there’s anything else like that right now.

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