Does Being Short Suck?

Does Being Short Suck?

Height seems to be a defining characteristic of manhood these days (if you’re on a dating site or use a dating app like Hinge and don’t list your height, you’re in the minority.) It’s as if being 6 foot tall could make up for being unemployed. Or for being a jerk. (It can’t.) But, if you look at the hottest, biggest names in Hollywood or even in pro sports, you’d see that height really is just a number.

The Daily Mail brought to the world’s attention this morning that many of today’s leading men are anything but tall. In fact, they’re very different from the stars of previous generations. Clint Eastwood, for instance, is 6’4”. Dustin Hoffman, on the other hand, is 5’5”. So is Daniel Radcliffe. Robert De Niro is 5’9.5 and Tom Cruise stands at just 5’7”.

That got us thinking about height in general and why so many men are so concerned over something they cannot change. But being on the short side didn’t stop these a-listers from getting on the a-list, or from scoring gorgeous women. What’s more, shorter guys represent in pro sports today too. Look at Martin St. Louis, New York Rangers right wing who is 5’8″. Or, at Indianapolis Colts’ Jeff Demps who stands at 5’7″.

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In fact, being on the short side can actually work to your advantage in the gym too (shorter guys have better balance and may not fatigue as fast.)

So, here’s to the shorter guys out there. Clearly you shouldn’t be afraid to list your height on those dating sites and apps. (While we’re talking about inches, find out if your penis is normal size, too.)