Does Eating Late at Night Make You Fat?

Does Eating Late at Night Make You Fat?

As a nation, we’re plagued by our inability to take the long route to success. (Why wouldn’t you want to be fitter faster?) These quick-fix diet solutions, food fads, and fitness trends have a way of catapulting thousands or millions of us into regimens that aren’t really realistic for long-term weight maintenance and health. In fact, many things you believe about healthy eating and dieting could be totally backwards.

Check out this list of the biggest diet misconceptions in the nation today, according to Lisa Mallonee, a Texas A&M Health Science Center registered dietician. Odds are you’ve bought into one of these in the past, or you’re currently adhering to their rules and restrictions. 

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1. Gluten-Free Desserts are Healthier 

2. Sugar-Free and Fat-Free Foods Lead to Fat-Free Bodies

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3. Carbs Make You Fat

4. Healthy Food is More Expensive

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5. You’ll Gain Weight if You Eat Late at Night

6. Fasting is Important to Cleanse the Body

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