Don’t Be This Guy!



1. Lay Down the Law
Get a freaking plan, man. It’s not that you can’t enjoy the holidays, but you need a strategy to do so. Start by skipping the dessert.

2. Schedule Workout Appointments
Valerie Waters, a trainer to Hollywood celebs, suggests plotting out 20-minute blocks of time to train. So do we.

3. Get Off Your Ass!
Throw a football around after a big meal. Shoot hoops with your nephew. Don’t lay around and destroy leftovers an hour later.

4. Downsize
Don’t deny yourself good food, but be smart. Try a smaller scoop of stuffing or just one of Granny’s famous rolls instead of two.

5. Cut Yourself Some Slack
Don’t give up if you “accidentally” pig out one day. Nobody’s perfect all the time. Just vow to come back stronger the next.

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