Dr. Livingood: A ‘Proven Step-By-Step Healing Formula’ That Average Doctors Don’t Know About…

Dr. Livingood
Dr. Livingood

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In 2007, a year and a half into doctorate school, Dr. Livingood of Livingood Daily received a call from his mother informing him that his father’s heart shut down and contracted a deadly virus. With no warning, after passing physicals with flying colors, Dr. Livingood’s dad had his life stopped by sudden heart failure.

This call changed Dr. Livingood’s life. “When you, or someone you love, loses their health…everything you used to care about seems insignificant.” All Dr. Livingood could think about was arriving home to his father and helping him regain his health.

No one at the hospital knew why his father was declining in health, and no one knew what to do about his heart condition. There were no solutions suggested, except to put him on 15 different medications.

Dr. Livingood fought this ‘solution,’ expressing that his father shouldn’t need 15 different medications in order for him to live life, when months before his dad had passed his physical and was doing well for his age.

With no one able to tell Dr. Livingood what was going on, he decided to take matters into his own hands. This incident was the catalyst for Dr. Livingood, now a doctor of natural medicines and a DC, to find solutions that helped his loved ones and thousands of others to get out of “sick care” and experience REAL health means.

Dr. Livingood helped his father overcome his major heart and autoimmune conditions, got him off 15 medications, and got the chance to live good again..

Now in 2021, Dr. Livingood is bringing facts, solutions, and natural remedies to individuals throughout the U.S. His FREE book, Livingood Daily, is here to protect families from viruses, disease, and harmful treatments.

In his book, he introduces techniques that allow individuals to combat disease & illness through superfoods, natural solutions, and more, and he transforms individuals from misinformed to fit & full of energy extremely fast!

This is Dr. Livingood: Proven Step-By-Step Healing Formula’ That Average Doctors Don’t Know About… and that formula is revealed in his free book.

Besides our alarm, what really gets us up in the morning? Real health. Dr. Livingood is here to inform individuals that health starts with understanding the body and what resources we have that are naturally occurring inside and outside us.

Dr. Livingood
Dr. Livingood

If The Focus Is Health, The Result Is Heath

In the first half of his book, Dr. Livingood discusses how to fix your focus, your food, your fitness, your frame, and your filters. The foundations you need in order to experience REAL health and achieve your health goals fast.

Dr. Livingood hopes to shift people’s ways of thinking about solving health issues by presenting a step-by-step system on how to naturally combat disease & illness.

You can naturally maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that starts with healthy insides and healthy living habits. If the focus is health, the result is health, and that’s what Dr. Livingood preaches.

“If all the focus is on drugs, surgeries, and the treatment of sickness and disease then all you get is sickness and disease. When the focus is building health and the activities of building health then you get health.” which is exactly what Dr. Livingood experienced with this father. There are alternate ways to help the body, starting with what our bodies already do for us every day.

We Are Our Own Greatest Doctor, And Believing In Our Bodies And Informing Ourselves Is The Key To Real Health

Since the day we were born, our bodies have been working for us by fighting diseases, healing our cuts and scrapes, and giving us the energy to run and walk—without us even noticing! Dr. Livingood is here to remind us that we are our greatest doctors and that believing in our bodies and informing ourselves is the key to real health.

The more we know, the more we know.

We don’t always have to go to a doctor to understand what’s going on, and we don’t have to wait around getting sick anymore. Especially when it comes to serious viruses and autoimmune problems, there are natural solutions available that not every doctor is studying in books.

From vitamins and minerals to herbs and remedies, Dr. Livingood has a full line of supplements that naturally support heart health, pain and inflammation, and more. If you want to learn more about these supplements, the masterclass is right for you.

With natural remedies, Dr. Livingood is helping individuals find the cause of their health problems and presenting natural ways to ease the conditions. Dr. Livingood has helped thousands of individuals get off their medications in a safe way.

Realize what healthy really means with Dr. Livingood’s free book.

Some People Think That Natural Solutions Aren’t On The Same Level As Prescribed Medications, But They’re Wrong

We’ve been told all our lives that doctors have all the answers, but many of them only have answers that lead to medications or surgeries.

There is a huge push for natural health remedies in 2021, and Dr. Livingood is a pioneer in this field. The Livingood Daily book is a new door for many to open.

There is so much to learn from the Livingood Daily book because it’s all about re-educating ourselves on the truth. Dr. Livingood’s practices and systems are all about shifting our attention from sickness to health.

Symptoms of gluten allergies? There are natural solutions. Avoiding blood clots, strokes & heart attacks? There are natural solutions for this too!

Some people think that natural solutions aren’t as useful as prescribed medications, but they’re wrong. Natural solutions help the body in the long run and keep people on the right track to real health.

Learn how natural remedies can change your life today.

We’re All So Worried About Which Vaccine We’ll Get Or Which Drug We’ll Take, But What Can We Do To Strengthen Our Bodies From The Inside Out?


It’s time to stop living in fear and arming ourselves with misinformation. We need to start empowering each other with what we can do for ourselves and our immune systems. No one has perfect health, and there is no way to protect the body from everything. Dr. Livingood knows this and approaches the immune system from a natural standpoint with reality in mind.

Amidst the pandemic, we’re all so worried about which vaccine we’ll get or which mask we’ll wear. Now, it’s time to think about what we can do to strengthen our bodies from the inside out.

We can keep our bodies strong and ready for any health issue by preparing them to fend off disease. We can help our inner army to fight for us, instead of work against us, or try to digest and comprehend the unknown medications we so willingly put in ourselves.

What does healing look like without all the toxic side effects from medications?

It looks like a person ready for anything with knowledge about what to eat, how to respond to sickness, and what supplements to take.

It’s about redefining what healthy means with Dr. Livingood.

Dr. Livingood
Dr. Livingood

Livingood Daily by Dr. Livingood Hints At The Best Tool We Have To Reach REAL Health: Ourselves

Livingood Daily by Dr. Livingood can help individuals understand themselves, their health, and the role they play in nurturing and healing their own bodies without the use of surgery or medication.

Say goodbye to illness and worrying about what medication to take next and what surgery to get, and consider readying the body to live in real health. Dr. Livingood can help keep us from falling victim to fear and misinformation and instead, take action and take control of our health.

When was the last time we picked up a book to learn about our health instead of deferring to medication? It’s time we reroute our thinking and consider our bodies and natural supplements to be just as strong a tool as MDs and medications.

The power of health is just as much within us as it is without. It’s time for us to get tapped in.

The Livingood Daily book comes at just the right time when the virus is hanging over our heads, and trips to the doctor may be too expensive. A time when we have to turn away from medications as solutions and look to ourselves as powerful enough to combat any illness or disease with education and practice.

There is so much to learn about the body, the mind, and the natural ways to help ourselves, and Dr. Livingood can expand our options to prevent and prepare our bodies for health, not sickness.

By educating us, Livingood Daily by Dr. Livingood hints at the best tool we have to reach real health, and it’s a tool we’ve always had access to: ourselves.

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