Duane Stevenson


Credentials: Stevenson, who is based in Houston, is a self-taught martial arts and fitness instructor who has been training clients for 20 years. Despite tumors in his spine that rendered his lower body nearly useless (he still has them), he studied martial arts in his youth and is now a highly sought mixed martial arts (MMA) trainer. He has also consulted a former ontestant on Spike TV’s reality show, The Ultimate Fighter. Learn more about him at monsterwarrior.tv.

Philosophy:Well aware of his own limitations, Stevenson believes in strengthening his clients’ weaknesses as well. Most often, that means working on their cardiovascular capacity. “I see guys with great-looking bodies who run out of gas in 30 seconds,” he says.

Duane’s Top Three Tips:
1) Train like a fi ghter. Regardless of your goals, incorporating MMA training into your routine keeps workouts interesting and challenging. “Do sprawls [a wrestling technique where you block a takedown],” says Stevenson, “between sets or cardio intervals.”

2) Learn to use weapons. Training to use a knife or stick builds coordination and hand speed. “It’s a full-body workout,” says Stevenson.

3) Forget excuses. Despite his disability, Stephenson says he wasn’t shown any pity. As a result, he had to learn to work twice as hard.

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