Dwayne Johnson Talks Working With Peter Berg and the Director’s Best Advice

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You worked with Pete more than a decade ago, and now you’ve teamed up with him again on Ballers. Has he changed?
Pete’s grown tremendously as a director and as a man over a decade of failures, successes, laughing, crying, and all that shit in between. All those ups and downs have made him the phenomenal director he is today.

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Was there any distinct Pete Berg magic that he brought to Ballers?
He’s a unique dude who swings for the fences every time he steps up to bat. The Berg magic he brought to Ballers was authenticity, tone, storytelling, character quality, and a well-placed joke about balls. He’s got a wicked sense of humor that’s as dark as mine, which is why we’re brothers.

Have you ever sparred with him in the boxing ring?
Our sparring lasts about 33 seconds. He lights me up with his vicious right hook, and I respond by grabbing him and suplexing him through the mat.

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What’s the best piece of advice Berg ever gave you?
“Remember, the best piece of ass you’ll ever get is when your finger slips thru the toilet paper.” I love you too, Pete.

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