Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Invented the Perfect Race for Slow-moving People Who Hate to Run

The Rock Squatting On Beach

Someone please explain to us when Dwayne Johnson sleeps.

The Rock has is about to release his first near-guaranteed blockbuster of the year, Fate of the Furious, and already he has his eyes set on his following film, the even-more-guaranteed-blockbuster Baywatch.

In the past, The Rock has found ways to engage with his fans for an opportunity at winning a prize, but this “marathon” takes the cake. If, y’know, The Rock ate cake.

The People’s Champ is offering a trip to the premiere of Baywatch, accompanied by himself, for the winner of the Baywatch slow-motion marathon.

For those heavy lifters out there whose expertise isn’t distance running, the marathon is just .5K. The winner will be judged on how much flare he or she can show off while running in slow motion, just like in the original TV show. 


Competition will be stiff on April 22 in L.A., as Johnson anticipates thousands attending the event.

The Seth Gordon-directed film Baywatch will be hitting theaters on May 25.