Dynamic-Effort Training


What it Is
A method of quickly building explosive speed. You lift relatively light weights, usually small percentages of your one-rep max, as fast as you can.

How to do It
Find or estimate your max weight on a major compound lift like the bench press or deadlift. Then use light percentages of it over a five-week cycle. For instance, in Week 1, bench-press with 40% of your max. In Week 2, use 42.5%. In Week 3, 45%, etc. After a warm-up, do eight sets of two reps, moving the bar as fast as you can. Combine dynamic-effort lifting with heavy training, so if Monday is your dynamic bench day, you can bench again on Thursday with heavier weights and fewer sets.

Dynamic training teaches all the muscle fibers in a muscle group to fire at the same time, which leads to rapid strength gains and improves your overall athleticism.

as with any kind of explosive training, there’s a significant risk of injury, so maintaining good form is essential.

Bonus Tip: You should use a maximum of 70% of your max on dynamic-effort sets.

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