This High-Tech Bed Is Always the Perfect Temperature for Sleep

eight sleep
Eight Sleep

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There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as sleeping on a mattress that’s too warm when you want it to be cool, and too cold when you want it to feel nice and toasty. No need to keep searching for cold comforters or heated blankets—just invest in a new mattress. Specifically, invest in a mattress that’s always the perfect temperature for your best sleep. Namely, you need The Pod.

The Pod learns the perfect temperature you need to get your best night’s sleep, and adjusts every night. This is way more than just a simple memory foam mattress. The tech involved in creating one is so advanced that it comes with its own fitness membership app. For $60 a year, the app provides personalized coaching, challenges, experiments, analytics and more.

The bed and app will work together to deliver advanced analytics on the trends and correlations of one’s sleep, diet, and activity metrics. Get tips to improve sleep fitness within the app, as it can utilize the data it collects to personalize the coaching. So personalized that it will deliver challenges and programs based on the metrics it has. And it will never stop adding tips, tools, and content so it will keep getting better and better over time.

The Eight Pod
Eight Sleep

Even without the app, The Pod is absolutely revolutionary. Temperature control can be difficult in most beds, causing for tossing and turning in the middle of the night. Plus, if the person you’re sharing a bed with prefers something vastly different from you, someone is always bound to feel uncomfortable. But just pick the temperature that you desire and the mattress will drop or rise to the chosen temp. No need for an alarm clock, either—just set the time you need to wake up, and the bed will slowly start to adjust the temperature so the body will naturally wake itself up. It’s easier, more comfortable, and can wake you up without disturbing your partner. And where there are other mattresses that try to mimic the experience of this mattress, none can get down to the chilled 55-degree temperature that this one can.

Tech aside, this is a really great mattress. It’s made with five layers of comfort. Pressure-relieving support will relax the pressure points and support spinal alignment. Maximum airflow is built into the mattress to help aid in the temperature control of the mattress. And it is built with high-quality materials that are made to last.

Grab it now and let the temperature control experience put you to sleep with a sense of ease unheard of before.

Get It: Pick up The Pod (starting at $1,935) at EightSleep.


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