Entry One: to Crush My Personal Record

Entry One: to Crush My Personal Record

My name is Cody Harter. I’m 33 years old, and I’ve been a runner since middle school track and field.  I cut my teeth as pole vaulter by winning my 8th grade district track meet in East Texas.  I went on to set the school record in the 800 and anchor the 1600 meter relay team.  I’m now working full-time as a coach and trainer at my gym Harter Strength & Conditioning located in Brookline, MA. I hold the NSCA CSCS, USA Track & Field Level 1, NASM CPT & PES, CrossFit Level 1, and FMS certifications.  I’m also a USMC Vet. and approach my training with an intensity born in the Corps.  I’ve recently teamed up with Men’s Fitness and TIMEX to attempt my personal record in the 1/2 marathon.  

I’ve selected the Cox Providence 1/2 marathon on May 3rd, and I’m excited to be working towards a goal. The greatest challenge I’m facing is how different the 1/2 marathon is from my most recent training routines.  I’m a sprinter by birth and love to go fast.  I train for speed and power and rarely go above 3 miles during a run.  As a coach, I focus on form and race planning while prepping with adequate strength and pre-plan conditioning.  My clients do all the miles, and I guide them through the process. Now it’s my turn to rack up some miles.  I’m not an elite athlete by any means, but I’m a fitness junkie with a will to succeed.  

My weakness with this program will be my endurance.  Can I run a 5-minute mile? Yes.  So I have endurance, but it drops quickly after that mile.  I can easily run a 2-hour half-marathon with a little soreness the next day, but I need to go below 1:40 to put my training plan to the test.  So here’s the plan.  I’m following a Tues/Wed/Thur & Sat/Sunday running schedule.  Tuesday and Thursday are my technical days which include a mix of tempo runs, Yasso 800’s, VO2 max training, hill repeats, and fartlek runs.  Wednesday is a light run or recovery run day.  Saturday is a pacing day with various goals as the plan progresses and Sunday is a mileage day.  While undergoing this challenge, I also want to maintain my strength and minimize weight-loss.  I plan to lift on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to ensure my strength keeps up with the added time spent doing cardio.  Mondays and Fridays are dedicated active recovery days that include foam rolling, active stretching, and dynamic movements. Every week my mileage will increase as I inch closer to race day and that alone brings on a sense of accomplishment. I’m confident that by sticking to my plan and maintaining proper nutrition I will PR in 2015.

The snow is finally melting in Boston and the sidewalks are calling us outside.  I’m not going to reach my goal by sitting here, so I guess its time for a run.  

Cody Harter is the Owner of Harter Strength & Conditioning in Brookline, MA. For more training details and photos check out harterstrength.com or follow him on Instagram @codyharter and Facebook @HarterStrength 

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