The Unbreakable Moments Series: “You Can Be a Dad and Still Have Style”

Eric Wertz wearing G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100XA-1A watch
Eric Wertz wearing G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100XA-1A watchCourtesy Image

Eric Wertz: The Ideal Watch for a Very Busy Man

Eric Wertz shoots his cuff and glances at the stark, black-and-gray G-STEEL on his wrist. “The watch has a tough, masculine vibe to it,” he says, “which I like.”

Eric is a man who knows style. His blog, Blue Collar Prep, garners thousands of visitors a month, and his Instagram feed has amassed 45,000 followers. “I can wear this watch with just about anything,” he adds, “but my first idea was to pair it with a black leather jacket. A simple fit, topped off with this G-STEEL—a clean, easy look for any guy to pull off.”

Eric loves the G-SHOCK because he can wear it during his day job as an electrician—the Bluetooth capability allows Eric to connect the watch to his smartphone, so he’s never late for his many appointments. Then, when his working day is done, he moves to a more polished look—and the G-STEEL makes the transition easily. In short, the watch fits Eric. “Fit is everything,” he says. “As soon as I put a piece on, I can tell if it’s going to be a wardrobe staple for me.”

eric wertz g shock
Courtesy image

Eric pauses, letting his innate assurance speak for itself. “Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Comfort evokes confidence.”

“You Can Be a Dad and Still Have Style”

On paper, Eric Wertz doesn’t fit the profile of a men’s style expert. He doesn’t reside in a loft in Tribeca, nor does he frequent trendy nightclubs. After long days of working full-time as a union electrician in the Hudson River Valley, he can be found at home with his wife Sarina (“an amazingly smart, beautiful and creative woman”) and his son Nate, “the coolest person” he knows.

Yet, despite his low-key existence, Eric has established himself as a prominent voice in the world of men’s fashion. And he couldn’t be happier. “I love that I can use these platforms to try and break stereotypes about dads. You can be a dad and still have style.” And the G-STEEL, he notes, is perfectly suited to his personal blend of reliability, confidence and style.

G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100XA-1A watch
G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100XA-1A watch Courtesy image

“Comfort and Durability, Above All”

Examining the G-STEEL’s durable carbon bezel, Eric notes, “Carbon fiber is a unique material to see in a watch.” And the G-STEEL is solar-powered and features superb 200m water resistance, meaning Eric won’t have to baby his timepiece during one of his frequent family excursions to the beach. But these aren’t the only G-STEEL capabilities that get Eric excited. “The phone finder function!” He chuckles. “I’m constantly putting my phone down and can never find it. Now I can.”

As a frequent traveler, Eric is also a fan of the G-SHOCK’s time-swapping capability, which allows him to keep track of local time while knowing the hour back home. Through the G-STEEL’s Bluetooth connectivity, Eric can manipulate the watch, changing it to show the time for any of approximately 300 cities worldwide—a must for a man who regularly communicates with designers in Europe and Asia.

Ultimately, Eric sees his style—and his G-STEEL—as part of a legacy. “Timepieces are an investment. I wanted a watch that’s going to last, one I don’t have to baby. I also look at watches as one of the rare accessories that you can have for a lifetime. It’s a piece you can hand down to your kids.”

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