The Exclusive Online Global Weight Registry for Fit People Only

The Exclusive Online Global Weight Registry for Fit People Only

There’s an elite online forum in which men and women answer questions and talk about their daily routines, diet, and exercise. The thing is, this registry is invite-only, and it’s exclusive to the trim and fit. But before you think that’s not-so-nice, know that it’s for the sake of science that could help people everywhere to be their fittest, healthiest, best selves.

It’s called the Global Healthy Weight Registry (formerly named the Slim by Design Registry), and it was developed by researchers from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab as a way to uncover the everyday behaviors of people who consistently maintain a healthy weight. 

To be eligible, you’ve got to be 18 years or older, have maintained a healthy body weight throughout your adult life (meaning you haven’t fluctuated more than 5-10 pounds with the exception of women during pregnancy), and haven’t worked with weight counselors or other health professionals in the past. They don’t indicate a specific BMI, but you’ll be asked to answer some screening questions. After, if you’re eligible, you’ll be asked more questions about your childhood, food preferences, dining habits, and hobbies among others. (Note: This will take 45 minutes.)  Each year there will be an updated series of questions you’ll be asked to answer. And if you choose not to be part of the Registry any longer, simply say so or stop filling out the survey. (You won’t be banned. If you wish to join again at a later date, you can so long as you’re still eligible). 

Here’s what you get in return: By being part of the Registry you’ll be sent updates on new insights from members and new papers. But that’s minor compared to what you’ll be helping the scientiests to discover—and then reveal to the public.

Here’s an example of some of their recent findings: Nearly all of the 147 adult Registry participants rely on simple habitual behaviors to maintain their healthy weight. They don’t buy in to fads, trends, or restrictive diets—something most men and women fall victim to when trying to lose weight. 

Here are some more fast facts:
– 96% reported eating breakfast
– 42% exercised 5+ times a week,
– 50% weighed themselves at least weekly. 
– 74% never or rarely dieted
– 92% reported being conscious of what they ate
– 44% reported at least one non-restrictive strategy for maintaining weight control including listening to inner cues, cooking at home, and eating high-quality, non-processed foods 

“If you struggle with weight, try adding these simple practices to your routine, you may be surprised how easy it is to be healthy!” Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Food and Brand Lab and author of the book Slim by Design said in a press release. “Most slim people don’t employ restrictive diets or intense health regimens to stay at a healthy weight. Instead, they practice easy habits.” 

To see if you’re eligible to join The Global Healthy Weight Registry and have your answers included in future reports, go here. All names are kept confidential and there’s no cost to join. Even if you’re not eligible to be part of the Registry, you can stay up-to-date on some of their findings as a Registry Friend.   

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