Should You Be Wearing Anti-Radiation Underwear?

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Q: Do I need anti-radiation underwear?

A: For those who don’t know, there’s underwear that claims to protect your parts from low-grade electromagnetic field radiation emitted by the smartphone in your pocket, in order to lower the risk of testicular cancer and infertility.

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The short answer is you don’t need them. So far, there’s no absolute, clear scientific evidence linking this low-grade magnetic radiation to those issues. If you’re concerned about infertility, anti-radiation underwear is not the solution. The test is functions better in a slightly cooler environment, so the real enemy is heat. The phone in your pocket may raise the groin temperature. This underwear could make men think it’s OK to keep a phone there.

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A fix? Put your wallet in your front pocket and the phone in the back.

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Benjamin Choi, M.D., is a urologist in New York City and a clinical assistant professor of urology at Weill Cornell Medicine.

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