Explode Through Any Plateau With the Landmine Rotational Clean and Press


The landmine is a great tool that’s all too often left forlorn and misunderstood in the gym corner—kinda like that guy—but once you get to know it, you’ll see how much it has to offer.

The landmine rotational clean and press is a prime example: It may take a bit to get to really figure out the mechanics, but it’s worth it. (And if your gym doesn’t actually have a landmine, you can make do by wedging the end of a barbell in a folded towel in the corner of a room.)

How do you do a landmine rotational clean and press?

  1. Load a barbell into a landmine. Start light with this move, and make sure you put a collar on the barbell to keep any plates in place.
  2. Stand at the end of the barbell, facing the landmine, with your feet wider than shoulder-width. Hold the bar in your right hand.
  3. Pivot on your toes 90 degrees to the left, so you drop into a deep lunge, still holding the bar with straight arm at your side.
  4. In one quick motion, pivot so you’re facing the landmine once more (press into your front foot to stand up) as you press and lift the barbell up to chest height.
  5. Bend your knees slightly as you press the barbell straight in front of you.
  6. Lower the bar from the press position into the front rack position, making sure to bend your knees as you do it.
  7. Lower the bar back to the original position.

Perform that exercise for reps on your right side. Then switch sides and repeat.

What’s so great about the landmine rotational clean and press?

You know the whole “functional” thing that trainers harp about? This move pretty much epitomizes it. The pivoting lunge, the clean, the press—all these moves strengthen the major muscle groups, all synergized together in one exercise. Plus, you feel like a rock star once you master it. (It’s also pretty cool-looking.)

How can you use it?

With light weight, the landmine rotational clean and press can be a great warmup for your strength or HIIT workout. Perform the move on each side for time (30 seconds is a good start) as a part of your dynamic warmup routine.

Go heavier and the move becomes a slick addition to your HITT workout—you can do one side, then the other, or get fancy and switch hands at the release of the clean before you lunge.

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