The Extreme Calorie Cutter Workout

The Fitbit Surge allows you to track all-day activity including steps, distance, and what we’re focusing on during this workout: calories burned. Here, MEN’S FITNESS digital director Mike Simone and celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince (The Biggest Loser) take you through the Extreme Calorite Cutter Workout. Dare to do more using the ultimate fitness watch as your tool to achieve and surpass your goals.  

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Run 1 mile (warm up)

18-minute alternating E.M.O.M. (every minute on the minute)

– 1st minute: 30 push-ups
– 2nd minute: 30 air-squats
– 3rd minute: 30 sit-ups

10 uphill sandbag carries

14-minute alternating emom

– 1st minute: 10 plank push-ups each arm, every minute
– 2nd minute: 10 burpees every minute

Run 1.25 miles

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