FDA Approves New Easier-To-Take Testosterone Drug

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If you suffer from low testosterone levels, the FDA may have some good news for you. The governmental arm has approved a new low-T drug called Aveed that is administered only every 10 weeks – far less frequent than most testosterone replacement therapies (TRTs) that much be taken weekly or biweekly.


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The drug’s release has not been without controversy, though, with some doctors pointing to recent studies showing TRTs may raise the risk of heart attack in men over age 65. But Dr. David Kaufman, a urologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, says recent research connecting TRT to heart risks was "observational" and "not well done."

"There is an enormous body of medical literature encompassing hundreds of studies over more than 20 years that supports the health and cardiac benefits of replacing testosterone to achieve normal levels in the right patients," he adds. So who’s right for Aveed? According to Kaufman, if you have clinically low levels of testosterone with "significant life-changing symptoms" like loss of muscle mass or libido, you should talk to your doctor about whether a TRT like Aveed could help. The drug is due to hit pharmacy shelves some time this March.

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