The Fighter Workout

James Ryang

There’s a way to burn fat without doing hours of skull-numbing cardio: martial arts training.

That’s right: Used for years in boxing and MMA training, fast-paced interval workouts are great for any guy looking to get straight-up getting shredded. That’s why we’ve created this fighter workout—you don’t have to be an amateur boxer to derive the fat-shredding benefits.

“This workout is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) since your heart rate increases and decreases,” says Oscar Hernandez, C.P.T., the designer of the routine. “Incorporate it into your weekly routine as a day of cardio to burn calories.” Square up and get ripped fast.


Use 16-ounce boxing gloves. Each round is 3 minutes. Each active rest period is 1 minute. 


Shadow Boxing: 3 rounds
Active Rest: Ab circuit

  • Crunch (15 sec.)
  • Leg raise (15 sec.)
  • Bicycle crunch (15 sec.)
  • Front plank (15 sec.)

Jump Rope: 3 rounds
Active Rest: Overhead Barbell Press (for those less advanced, press for 30 seconds followed by 30 sec. rest)

Jab, Left and Right Hook, Left and Right Uppercut on 70-pound (or heavier) punching bag: 3 rounds
Active Rest: Circuit:

  • Burpee (30 sec.)
  • Kettlebell swing (30 sec.)

Hitting Double-End Bag: 3 Rounds
Active Rest: Speed Bag

Head Movements: Attach a tennis ball from above so it hangs above your shoulders. Hit the ball, duck and weave to avoid it: 2 rounds
Active Rest: 30-second plank after each round.

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