FirmTech Introduces the World’s First ‘Under-Wearable’

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) impacts 20% of all men and half of men by age 50 – with the numbers increasing by 10% every decade after that. While some progress has been made in the treatment of ED, including the development of penile constriction rings, these tools remain difficult to use by most men, furthering the feelings of shame that often accompany ED.

At FirmTech, Dr. Elliot Justin is on a mission to revolutionize treatment options for ED. With the FirmTech Performance Ring, Dr. Justin’s ultimate goal is to bring a never-before-seen level of gamification and quantification to male sexual function – creating a tool that not only enhances pleasure and performance but allows real-time tracking of erectile function with sensor technology.

The revolutionary FirmTech Performance Ring includes an insert that contains sensors, Bluetooth capability, and 8 hours of battery life per charge. The sensors measure important variables such as duration of an erection, firmness, and strength and force of ejaculation. Because of its ability to track real-time metrics, the FirmTech Performance Ring can also assess the effects of medications, diet, exercise, and alcohol.

Overall, it is designed to facilitate firmer erections, be used as a sexual wellness aid rather than a shame-inducing crutch, and help men engage in their sexual health and understand its relationship to their overall health.

As Dr. Justin explains, the FirmTech Performance Ring promises to usher in a new era in wearable technology. It is designed to be used in a way similar to Fitbit or an Apple Watch, delivering real-time updates and metrics that respond to changes in the user’s sexual health index score, or SHIM. This is the standard for measuring erectile dysfunction in men.

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By creating a robust database of metrics, the FirmTech Performance Ring can compare a user’s data against standards set by thousands of other similar users.

“Someone might say, I’d like to see the results on 10,000 men between the ages of 55 and 75,” Dr. Justin says. “That is valuable information, because now you are not comparing yourself just to yourself, or even to your ideal self, but to norms in your age group.”

The performance ring operates by tracking specific elements of erectile fitness, including rigidity and erection duration, and it sends the information directly to the user’s smartphone app. It is similar to tracking other health-related metrics, like blood pressure and BMI.

“I am confident that as our technology develops, we are going to learn about things that correlate with basic health, medications, and supplements,” Dr. Justin says. “We can also answer questions that men and women deal with in relationships when they are having issues in their sex life.”

Although the FirmTech Performance Ring will provide powerful information about erectile fitness that can also point toward other health-related issues (such as vascular health), Dr. Justin and his team are developing the technology that will allow for another practical application for the device.

“One of the top reasons for erectile dysfunction is not chronic disease but intoxication,” Dr. Justin says. “Our technology will help you understand your threshold, so if you are at a party and you want to drink but make love afterward, you will have an alarm on your smartwatch that says, ‘You’ve reached your limit, no more cocktails.”

With groundbreaking technology inside a device that is easy and comfortable to wear, Dr. Justin is excited about how FirmTech will change men’s sexual health for the better.

“I am confident that this is going to change the field of urology and change how family doctors and internists treat men who have erectile issues,” Dr. Justin says. “In this age of wearables, this is the world’s first under-wearable.”

FirmTech was founded by Dr. Elliot Justin and focuses on developing products that encourage fun, enjoyable sex for men of all ages, while empowering them to better understand their health and the impact of medications, supplements, personal habits, vices and exercise on their sexual wellness.

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