The Fit 5: CrossFit Chat With Rich Froning Jr.


For all of our fans who shoot us questions on our Facebook page, this one is for you. Each week, we will tap into our pool of editors and experts to help with any questions or challenges you are having with your fitness regimen. This week, we chat a bit with 2x Reebok CrossFit Games Champion, Rich Froning Jr. about the sport of CrossFit, getting stronger and what CrossFit means to Rich.

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Q1: If the sport of CrossFit is something that demands strengh, endurance and skill – how do you balance your training to increase strength and endurance? 


A1: “CrossFit, actually. It’s constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. It’s easy to say that, but there’s a lot that goes into it.

You’ve got to look at ‘what are my weaknesses? Is endurance my weakness or is it strength?’ Then you can go (train) a bit more bias one way. From there you’ve got to constantly reevaluate yourself and play around with different training cyles.

Identify your weaknesses, vary your training cycles, reevaluate and repeat.”

Q2.  What are your top pieces of training advice for getting stronger?


A2: “1. Lift heavy stuff a lot. Ha! 

2. Definitly stick with a program for more than a week or too. You’ve got to ride the program out – a lot of people like to hop around on things, but to get a real good base you’ve got to stick to a good strength program. 

3. I like to do Olympic lifts so that helps.

4. You’ve also got to have fun with it or else it gets tedious”

Q3: When did you realize you loved CrossFit, competition and fitness.

A3: “I loved CrossFit before I even competed, I was just doing CrossFit. It was a completely different thing. You learn a lot about yourself and the people around you when you do it. I started with my cousin and we’re real close. It’s kind of a great thing to share with others. 

I also remember looking at the videos from the 2009 CrossFit Games and I decided it might be something I’d want to compete in.”

Q4: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?

A4: “Competition-wise, in 2009 when I fell off the ropes (at the Games). After I got back, I didn’t really CrossFit, I didn’t want to do CrossFit, or compete – it almost became too much pressure, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I then re-evaluated why I was doing what I was doing and I brought my faith (grew up a Christian) back to the top of the list where it should of been the whole time. It took a lot of pressure off competing and it made it a lot more fun again. So I’d have to say, faith has had a lot to do with my success.”

Q5: We’ve got to know. Favorite move? Least favorite move?

Q5: “Favorite, squat snatch. Least favorite, running, anything over 100m I hate it – it’s terrible.”


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