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For all of our fans who shoot us questions on our Facebook page, this one is for you. Each week, we will tap into our pool of editors and experts to help with any questions or challenges you are having with your fitness regimen. This week, we tapped ACE certified personal trainer and owner of C Power Fitness, Chris Power for insights into everything from beginner advice and injuries, to why results come to a halt and how to get back on track.

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Question One

My diet hasn’t changed, but I’m gaining some body fat? What could it be? What should I do?

“This is a common concern for gym goers. If your diet remains constant then lack of sleep can create a hormonal imbalance. Added stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which may be responsible for weight gain causing a slowdown in your metabolism. Make sure your fitness regimen has not changed; in fact, you can even consider kicking up the intensity.”

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Question Two

I’ve got a shoulder injury and can’t do any pressing movements – chest presses or overhead. How can I work around this injury?

“Actually, avoid working out through the injury; to avoid further damage avoid those pressing movements. Focus on the muscle groups, lateral raises and upright rows are a good shoulder replacement. For your chest, calisthenics such as pushups, give you power over the range of motion and your body position to avoid further injury and pain. Remember, don’t do it if it hurts, leave your ego at the door, train to maintain and let the injury heal first.

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Question Three

I know squats are important, but back squat bother my lower lumbar. What do you recommend?

“This is a common problem, one I suffer from as well. Try a front squat, changing the position of the weight from your back to the front, shifting pressure of off your spine. To target your quads you may also attempt short lunges to emphasize use of the quadriceps, or long lunges to activate the glutes.

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Question Four

I’m always nauseous in the gym. What should I do?

“First, make sure you are well hydrated, drinking at least a 2-3 liters of water each day. Your body needs energy to perform, be sure you are eating the right calories and if you must eat within an hour of training, your body will work best with simple carbs like fruit or yogurt. Take longer breaks between exercises. Nausea is often a result of new exercises and increased intensity of your training.

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Question Five

I’m new to working out and way too sore after workouts. How much is enough for a beginner?

“If you’ve been hit by a ton of bricks after a workout, welcome to the club. Consider progressing slowly & steadily through workout frequency, intensity and duration of exercise programs. This will gradually challenge your muscles and allow them to build over time. For beginners, any movement and routine is better than none. Try 3 – 4 days per week of a mix of moderate cardio and 3 sets of 12-15 moderately difficult reps with 3 – 4 exercise.

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