Fit Fix: Absurd NFL Plays of the Week, One Cosplayer to Rule Them All, and Kanye’s Chances at the Presidency


Morning, dudes. Here’s the coolest stuff from our daily lap around the Internet to start your week this Monday, Oct. 12: 

Absurd Patriots Play of the Week, Part 1: Poor Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mo Claiborne is gonna need some bionic ankles today, because Julian Edelman utterly shattered them with this juke Sunday.


Absurd Patriots Play of the Week, Part 2: Dion Lewis may or may not have phased out of the material world en route to scoring this touchdown Sunday afternoon. [NFL]



It’s Called Football, Right?: Browns tight end Gary Barnidge caught a TD on Sunday—between his feet.



“A Dark Year”: Vin Diesel’s starring role in The Last Witch Hunter was crucial in helping him cope with the death of his friend and Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker, he said in an interview with Extra. The movie’s main character “is masking pain and sorrow,” Diesel said, “and that’s probably the best way to describe the whole last two years.” [Extra]

Hulkbuster: This guy changed the cosplay game at New York ComicCon—one of the premier events in all-around nerdom—with a 9.5-foot-tall suit of custom Hulkbuster armor. [Business Insider]

“That’s Cray!”: President Barack Obama, when asked about Kanye West’s chances for a White House run in 2020: “Do you really think this country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of Chicago, with a funny name, to be president of the United States?” [The Guardian]