Fit Fix: Check Out the New “Independence Day: Resurgence” Trailer

Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth star in "Independence Day: Resurgence" / 20th Century Fox

They’re BAAAACK: Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Vivica A. Fox are once again facing off against the galactic assholes who blew up the White House back in 1996. In Independence Day: Resurgence, however, they’ll have some new faces to join the fight—including former Men’s Fitness cover guy Liam Hemsworth, who dropped a few hints about the new movie in his November cover story.


Speaking of Independence: Will Smith isn’t set to appear in the Indepedence Day sequel, but he is mulling a big career move of a different kind: politics. “If people keep saying all the crazy kinds of stuff they’ve been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they’re going to force me into the political arena,” he told Tracy Smith on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.” “I mean, I gotta be the President. Come on!” [CBS News]

That Was Quick: In case you missed it, feisty Irish fighter Conor McGregor disposed of Brazilian champion Jose Aldo in the fastest UFC fight ever Saturday night. McGregor needed only 13 seconds to uncork a brutal left that sent Aldo crashing to the canvas—exactly as he said he would last week. [Washington Post]

Tag-Team Cover: That victory earned McGregor a spot on the cover of the new UFC 2 from EA Sports, although he still has to play second fiddle to a certain ultra-popular UFC fighter who only recently lost her first match.


She Made Good!: Speaking of Ronda Rousey: As of Friday afternoon, it looked like she would default on her promise to attend Friday night’s Marine Corps Ball. (She is, after all, still recovering from her loss to Holly Holm.) But the former champion made an appearance after all, accompanying the Marine who asked her, Jarrod Haschert, and looked pretty happy to be attending. [Washington Post]


Sportsperson of the Year: Sports Illustrated awarded Serena Williams the prestigious title of “Sportsperson of the Year,” marking the first time the magazine has bestowed the award upon a woman since track champion Mary Decker in 1983. Williams beat out fan favorite American Pharoah, presumably because Williams a) is a phenomenal athlete in her own right, who overcame the flu and countless challengers en route to three Grand Slam titles, and b) is a person. [Sports Illustrated]

Happy Gilmore: Jordan Speith may not have a hockey-stick driver, but the top-ranked golfer in the world isn’t afraid to approach his drives with a little bit of a running start, a la Adam Sandler’s famously ill-tempered duffer:


Jordan Spieth Goes Full-on ‘Happy Gilmore’ at Pro-Am Event

Jordan Spieth went full Happy Gilmore.

Posted by Bleacher Report on Sunday, December 13, 2015