Fit Fix: Chipotle Gets Sued, Dude Does 315-Pound Scooter Squat, and Another Reason to Cut Fat


Morning, gents. Here’s what’s popping in the world of dude news on Tuesday, September 1:

Chipotle Sued: The popular fast-casual burrito chain is facing a lawsuit over its claims that it was the first national restaurant company to serve non-GMO food. The plaintiff, Colleen Gallagher, says that’s false, and therefore misleading to customers. The company has disclaimers on its website regarding GMO food, and a spokesman says they plan to contest the suit. [Reuters]

Speaking of GMOs: Here’s what every guy should know about genetically modified organisms in food.

The 315-lb Scooter Squat: Internet lifting hero Bradley Martyn took his gym antics to a new level by squatting 315 pounds on one of those little Segway-like scooter things. Do not try this at home, but definitely watch the video.

James Bond Author Sips Some Haterade: Anthony Horowitz, who has taken up Ian Fleming’s mantle as the author of the new James Bond books, said in an interview that Idris Elba—who is black, and British, and indisputably badass—is “a bit too street” to play the iconic spy. The internet reacted, uh, poorly.

Cut Fat to Save Your Brain: People who are obese in midlife tend to develop Alzheimer’s disease at an earlier age, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health. [Associated Press]

Sleep to Stave Off Sickness: Sleep weakens your defenses against the common cold, according to a new study. So maybe forget about your whiskey-and-bacon cures, eh? [Sleep]

Xbox for the Elite: The new Xbox One Elite will boast 1 terabyte of storage—and the fly new Elite controller—and it can be yours for a cool $499. [The Verge]