Fit Fix: Dez Bryant Gets Punched in the Face, A-Rod Hits a Grand Slam, and Taraji P. Henson Hides Her Drugs


Morning, dudes. Here’s the latest in guy stuff for Wednesday, August 19:

Dez Bryant Gets Punched: The Dallas Cowboys star reportedly took a right hook direct to the face—when he wasn’t wearing a helmet—when a brawl broke out at the joint Cowboys-Rams practice Tuesday. [Yahoo! Sports]

Jerry Jones Is Stoked About Fights, Tho: The Cowboys owner apparently didn’t mind a few weeks ago when his high-priced star was exchanging haymakers with Cowboys cornerback Tyler Patmon. “That’s good stuff,” said the sportsball plutocrat, apparently forgetting his team spent $70 million on Bryant’s contract. The two Cowboys hugged it out afterwards. [Yahoo! Sports]

“THE DRUGS!”: Taraji P. Henson channeled Cookie Lyon on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night, when she totally ran roughshod over poor Jimmy Fallon. In character or not, the woman does not like to lose.

A-Rod’s Grand Slam: Alex Rodriguez belted his 25th career grand slam into the stands of Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, lifting the Yanks to an 8-4 win. Say what you will about him, but one thing’s for sure—with 679 career homers, the guy can hit. [Yankees/MLB]

Go Daddy No More: Danica Patrick, who once raised eyebrows with her Super Bowl ads for, has a new sponsor: Nature’s Bakery. (We sort of preferred the neon green car, but the new light blue will have to do.) [NASCAR]

Ashley Madison Hack: Hackers are in the process of dumping all the data—all of it—from the huge Ashley Madison hack, including names, addresses, emails, and every credit card transaction over the past seven years, the Awl reports.

The Martian Trailer: Check out the new trailer for the lost-in-space epic starring pretty much everyone from Interstellar, minus Anne Hathaway and plus Kristen Wiig:

The Godzilla System: This year’s El Niño event is set to be unusually powerful—and some forecasters are saying the “Godzilla” weather system might just be the strongest of all time, according to the latest predictions. [NOAA]