Fit Fix: Eating Too Much Bacon and Sausage Increases Bowel Cancer Risk, W.H.O. Warns

Bacon fries your sperm count

Morning, dudes. Here’s some interesting from around the Internet to start your week on this Monday, October 26:

You’re Bacon Me Crazy: Eating processed meats like bacon, sausage, and hot dogs causes colorectal cancer, according to a new report [PDF] from the International Agency for Research on Cancer. (Unprocessed red meat is probably okay, as long as you don’t eat more than 18 oz. per week of things like beef, pork and lamb).

Notable meat producer groups, however, have disputed the IARC’s warning. The Beef Checkoff Program has argued that there’s a “critical research gap” in linking meat and colorectal cancer, and that “evidence is weak and inadequate.” The North American Meat Institute took the argument a step further, calling the IARC’s warning “dramatic and alarmist overreach” and saying the warning defies “both common sense and dozens of studies showing no correlation between meat and cancer.”

Love and Joy, Indeed: The aptly named Comet Lovejoy spews enough alcohol and sugar into the cosmos to make 500 bottles of wine every second, NASA researchers say. It’s probably just trying to hail a damn cab so it can go home and pass out in peace without those pesky researchers getting all up in its face, you guys. [Washington Post]

Harris Goes Coast to Coast: The Giants’ Dwayne Harris turned in a pretty nice 100-yard dash time Sunday night when he took a kick return to the house against the Cowboys. Watch:



“You Like That!”: Kirk Cousins knows how to start the week off right, ya’ll.


Redskins Postgame Live followed by #RedskinsTalk on CSN to recap Washington’s HUGE comeback win?Kirk Cousins knows how you feel.

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