Fit Fix: Edinson Volquez Pitches Game 1 of World Series, Even After Father’s Death

Fit Fix: Edinson Volquez Pitches Game 1 of World Series, Even After Father’s Death

Morning, gents. Here’s the latest and greatest news from our daily lap around the internet on this hump day, October 28, 2015:

The Real MVP: If anything muted the Royals’ 14-inning 5-4 victory over the Mets last night, it was that Kansas City’s starting pitcher, Edinson Volquez, lost his father on the day of the game. Manager Ned Yost said Volquez found about his father’s death only after the game, but other players suggested after the game that he had known throughout the game, and stayed “locked in as usual.” [FOX Sports]

It Wasn’t Just the Generators That Blew It: In case you somehow didn’t watch or don’t have access to Twitter, Fox Sports lost power during Game 1 of the World freaking Series Tuesday night, forcing the network to switch to MLB’s international feed and inspiring a thousand jokes at the expense of Fox announcers Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds. And to add to the confusion, Google Fiber konked out in Kansas City during the game, delaying the game for an hour before Google restored coverage. [Pix 11]

Great Odin’s Raven!: A man hiking through a Norweigian mountain village discovered a wrought iron Viking sword dating back to roughly 750 A.D.—and it’s still in remarkable shape. []

Always Be Closing: A 13-year old kid convinced his parents to let him buy Grand Theft Auto V—with all the shooting and the murdering prostitutes and the, uh, grand theft auto—by creating a brilliant PowerPoint deck. “He had us three slides in, but we made a good show of reticence,” one of his parents wrote in a post on imgur. [Mashable]

Run the Hurry-Up Offense: Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has some sage advice for eager trick-or-treaters to get more candy then their friends: Jog between houses, head home, change costumes, and then make the same lap again. (Presumably this is difficult for Harbaugh, who has nothing in his closet but Michigan sweaters and khaki pants.) [ABC Detroit]

Shatterproof Phone: Motorola is set to introduce the DROID Turbo 2 with a shatterproof display. We still do not recommend trying to hurl it through a wall. [Motorola]

“We’ll See You Tomorrow Night”: Say what you will about Joe Buck—or Fox Sports, or baseball in general—his final call at the end of the Royals’ 14-inning win was actually pretty spot-on, historically speaking. [Deadspin]


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