Fit Fix: Get Your Ass Off the Couch, Because It’s Global Running Day


One Foot in Front of the Other: Lace up your trainers and leave your shirts at home, gents, because June 1 is Global Running Day, a worldwide initiative involving 2.5 million people in 177 countries who have committed to some good old-fashioned cardio. The premise is simple: Sign up, pledge to run, and then this is the fun part—just follow through. Focus on good form. Follow these 6 tips to start running pain-free. Maybe hit the trail, and do it in style with these brand-new shoes. Not convinced? Here are 25 reasons running is better than the gym.

Why Network When You Can Sweatwork?: The three-martini lunch is out—and the three-mile lunch run is in. Power players are increasingly choosing to network via workouts, especially by going on runs, so Westin Hotels is honoring Global Running Day by hosting 5k runs with happy hour cocktails to follow. Consider it the best of both worlds. Check it out at

In other news on this fine Wednesday:

Baller Status: The NBA has partnered with Under Armour to launch a new app called NBA FIT, a “social health and fitness experience” featuring training videos from NBA and WNBA stars. Powered by Under Armour’s Connected Fitness platform—the same tech behind MapMyRun—the app is focused on staying active, eating healthy, and encouraging fans to step onto the court. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. [NBA FIT]

Potential Upsets in the Octagon: Here’s a look at some of the fighters who might break through with a big upset at UFC 199. Clay Guida might be unranked and facing the undefeated Brian Ortega, but Guida’s epic ‘stache has already won a place in our hearts. [FOX Sports]

The Ultimate Pre-Workout Drink: Jonesing for a little extra kick before your next big workout? Have a cup of coffee—it’ll help increase your endorphins, encourage you to eat less afterwards, and improve your wakefulness. [CNN]

The Slugger Wins Again: Serena Williams demolished 21-year-old Elina Svitolina so thoroughly at the French Open on Tuesday—6–1, 6–1, in a jaunty 62-minute fourth-round match—that Williams’ competitors at Roland Garros are pretty much at a loss to explain how to beat the best woman in tennis. Yulia Putintseva is on the hot seat next in the quarterfinals. [New York Times]

Oatmeal for Dinner?: That’s the pitch from food companies, who have noticed consumers’ appetite for all-day breakfast and are trying to parlay that into availability of other foods. Chicken stock, olives, and feta with your oatmeal, anyone? [The Wall Street Journal]

Meat-Free Wednesdays: Around the gym, the chief complaint we hear about vegan diets is that they make it hard to get enough protein. That might be true for undisciplined eaters, but you know better—so whip up some of these three protein-rich recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. [Men’s Fitness]

Who You Callin’ Shrimpy?: Scientists have finally started figured out how the mantis shrimp can use its claws to deliver such powerful hits—it can crack glass and superheat water to an estimated 8,500 degrees Fahrenheit—without also destroying its claws. [Washington Post]

Is the Rock Into Fanny Packs?: You bet your ass The Rock is into fanny packs.