Fit Fix: Guinness Is Going Vegan


Morning, dudes. Here’s some cool stuff from our daily lap around the Internet on Tuesday, November 3, 2015:

Guinness Is Made With What?: After 256 years of brewing the world-famous “black stuff,” Guinness is switching up its filtration process—and the new edition will be vegan-friendly, The Times reported. “Wait,” you’re thinking, “what’s non-vegan about Guinness?” It turns out the iconic Irish stout is filtered with isinglass, a gelatin made from fish bladders. “Isinglass has been used widely within the brewing industry as a means of filtration for decades,” Guinness said in a statement. But no more, the company says—the filtration process will be fish-bladder-derivative-free by late 2016!  [CNBC]

We Can Rebuild Him: The Six Billion Dollar Man, a remake of the classic (and significantly more budget-conscious) 1970s TV series Six Million Dollar Man, is set to debut on Dec. 22, 2017—and none other than Men’s Fitness cover guy Mark Wahlberg is set to star as Steve Austin. [Variety]

NBA Record-Breakers, Part 1: LeBron James became the youngest player in NBA history to score 25,000 points, smashing home an alley-oop dunk to help cement a 107-100 win over the Philadelphia 76ers Monday night. [ESPN]


The youngest to 25K. #StriveForGreatness

Posted by Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday, November 2, 2015


NBA Record-Breakers, Part 2: San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan set the all-time NBA record for most wins with one team—954—with the Spurs’ 94-84 victory over the Knicks Monday night.


With tonight’s win, Duncan now holds the all-time NBA record for most wins (954) with one team!

Posted by San Antonio Spurs on Monday, November 2, 2015