Fit Fix: Here’s the Deal With Those “Garbage” Allegations About Peyton Manning and HGH

Fit Fix: Here’s the Deal With Those “Garbage” Allegations About Peyton Manning and HGH

So What the Hell Is Going on With Peyton Manning? On Sunday morning, Al Jazeera America released a documentary called “The Secret World of Sports Doping,” in which British hurdler Liam Collins goes undercover and exposes, often via hidden camera, doctors and pharmacists who allegedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes. One pharmacist, Charlie Sly, said on hidden camera that he supplied Peyton Manning’s wife (and several professional athletes) with human growth hormone (HGH).

But Sly later walked back those statements in a YouTube response, saying he “was in no state of mind to be making any coherent statements as I was grieving the death of my fiancé” when he spoke with Collins. Sly later told ESPN that he had “had never seen the Mannings ever” while working at the Guyer Institute in Indiana. Manning also refuted the claims that he ever used HGH, saying he is “furious” and “disgusted” over the “garbage” allegations in a Monday interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters. “It stings me whoever this guy is to insinuate that I cut corners, I broke NFL rules in order to get healthy. It’s a joke. It’s a freaking joke.”

Row Your Boat: John Beeden, a 53-year-old British man and/or endurance machine, finished rowing across the Pacific Ocean by himself in record time on Sunday, taking only 209 days to row from San Francisco to Cairns, Australia. His thoughts? “I didn’t realize it would be so difficult.” [BBC News]

Life Is But a Dream: GoPro has announced its new all-in-one Karma drone, set to drop in 2016, which will reportedly be able to film in at least 4K detail and may even come equipped with a 360-degree camera system. [The Verge]

“Breakthrough”: Microsoft marketing boss Chris Capossela says the company is working on a “breakthrough” phone designed to rival the iPhone, although he admitted “we need time to actually go build that.”

Magical Mystery Tour: Marvel has finally dropped the first images of Benedict Cumberbatch as the magical Doctor Strange, who transforms from a surgeon into a sorcerer in what director Scott Derrickson is calling a “mind-trip action film.” So, Inception? We’re in. [Entertainment Weekly]

Up In Flames: Hoverboards—you know, one of those two-wheeled scooter mock-Segway thingies—continued their hot streak of combustible performance this weekend, after one of them caught fire while charging in a New Jersey apartment. [NBC New York]

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