Fit Fix: J.J. Watt Is an Absolute Sack And/or Dancing Machine

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Watch Him Whip / Watch Him Nae Nae: J.J. Watt must be feeling good after getting his left cast removed, because he managed to sack Blake Bortles perform and/or ruin four consecutive dances: the whip, dab, nae nae, and run off on the plug. We had to look that last one up. [CBS Sports]


What’s the Rock Cookin?: Dwayne Johnson has a big announcement coming up, according to his latest Instagram post: “My @underarmour partners deliver a technology game changer announcement this week…”


Today in Kicker Heroics: Some days, you’re Detroit Lions field goal kicker Matt Prater, who crushed the pigskin for a 59-yarder against the Bears on Sunday, the longest kick in franchise history. [NFL Videos]

Today in Kicker Fails: Other days, you’re Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter, who missed a chip-shot extra point and slammed his helmet into the ground in frustration. The helmet was apparently displeased, too, because it bounced off the ground and smacked him in the face.


The Excellent Taste of Defeat: Primanti Bros., the iconic Pittsburgh sandwich shop, is sending a few of their wares to the Buffalo Bills  front office after the Steelers defeated the Bills to earn a playoff berth on Sunday. [24/7 Sports]

Let the Games Begin: We have our bracket. May the odds be ever in your team’s favor.


#DearStuartScott: The daughters of the late Stuart Scott, a beloved ESPN anchor who succumbed to cancer a year ago, created a moving tribute to Scott. Phew, is someone cutting onions in here? Maybe it’s just dusty? ‘Scuse us for a second. [For the Win]


Elementary, My Dear Mendeleev: Four new elements have been added to the periodic table, after scientists in the U.S., Russia, and Japan managed to create them in a lab. So keep an eye out for Ununpentium (element 115) at a supplement store near you! (Or not, since element 115 tends to disappear about as soon as you create it.) [CNN]

For Your Home Theater Needs: Samsung has launched the Dolby Atmos, a soundbar that creates the sense of sound above a listener’s head, using either ceiling-mounted speakers or a set of speakers that fire up, bouncing the sound off the ceiling. [The Verge]

Weaponized Art: Tinfoil-hatters have claimed for years that the CIA funded avant-garde artists during the Cold War, purportedly because the Feds saw painters like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning as symbols of American artistic freedom in the face of the Iron Curtain. Turns out those rumors were true: The U.S. did fund its own leftist artistic community, specifically to embarass Moscow, a former case officer told the Independent.

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